Copper Roof Gazebo

A gazebo is an outdoor pavilion or tent like structure which are usually round, square or octagonal in shape. Gazebos are familiar sights, found just about anywhere, in parks, in gardens, back yards, on decks, on a lake or seashore, outdoor restaurants, etc. Gazebos have roofs but are open on the sides, sometimes with railings or balustrades and sometimes screened. A gazebo floor might be grass, stone, concrete, brick or raised wood deck. A gazebo’s base or deck and it’s optional railing usually trace or follow the bottom outline of the gazebo roof (round – square – octagonal – etc). A gazebo is often times free standing in an open area or can it be attached to another building or connected by decorative wall or path. Gazebos are very popular spots, especially in warmer weather, to rest, entertain, eat, relax and socialize. A gazebo provides shelter, shade and often seating and tables. Gazebos are unusually appealing structures and provide a most attractive and ornamental feature to a property’s architecture and landscaping. The most common gazebo is built out of wood with ordinary roofing shingles used on the roof. A simple metal or copper roof cap with finial might be found on top. A gazebo upgrade might involve a small cupola perched on top of the gazebo roof, once again with a roof finial crowning the very top. The ultimate gazebo roof is a copper roof made from copper tile or copper roof panels. A copper gazebo roof may be conical in shape, octagonal, bell shaped, pentagonal, pyramidal, domed or any number of other shapes.

copper gazebo roof bell shaped bermuda style shown here

Copper Gazebo Roof – Bermuda Style – Bell Shaped

copper gazebo roof conical shape with copper roof cap and copper finial pictured
Copper Gazebo Tile Roof has Copper Roof Cap and Finial
copper roof tile diamond shaped handmade copper tile shown here
Alternative Diamond Shaped – Copper Roof Tile

A roof top copper cupola can be positioned on the top of a gazebo providing additional architectural interest and can functionally help vent hot air out the top. A simple, rustic or ornate copper roof finial can crown the very top of the gazebo or cupola. Copper clad columns, copper fixtures and copper railing or balustrade provide additional sheer elegance to a copper gazebo. To make a copper gazebo even more inviting on cool evenings, a copper fire pit with or without copper vent hood would coordinate nicely. A copper gazebo roof, copper cupola, copper finial, copper balustrade (or copper railing) not only have divine aesthetics and AWESOME looks but will last a LIFETIME.

copper gazebo roof bell shaped bermuda style shown here

copper roof cupola with weathervane and copper deck railing for gazebo pictured here
Copper Cupola with WeatherVane and Copper Railing

* Photos above courtesy Rutland Architectural Copper Work, whose copper artisans created the copper gazebo roofs, copper cupola, copper finials and copper deck railing shown above. Even the copper tile shown above is custom handmade and hand cut copper roof tile.

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copper gazebo with screened in walls and door and copper cupola pictured herecopper gazebo roof with weathered copper patina shown here on ocean shore
Copper Gazebo Screened and Weathered Copper Gazebo on Ocean
Contrasting Styles of Copper Gazebos (Photos courtesy This Old House)


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